Course Description:

Name: Real Estate Principles—Live class, In Classroom (pending DRE approval,Dre PRE-License Sponsor # S0619)

School Name: Legend Real Estate & Finance (pending DRE approval)

Teacher Name: Xudong Li (Pending DRE approval)

Cost:  $180  (Not including the cost of text book)

Classroom address:

Legend Real Estate & Finance

3375 Scott Blvd, Suite 306, Santa Clara, CA 95054

TEL: 408 637 4737 x 104


Please use following link to watch Pre-License General Information Page:

Pre-License General Inforamtion Page


For In-classroom course:

45 hours in classroom instruction is required.

Minimum attendance requirement: 90% minimum [40 & ½ hours]  [More Details in General Information Page]

Time:         Every Tuesday 6:30PM-9:30PM                Every Thursday  6:30PM-9:30PM

1st  Week:            Chapter 1                                                      Chapter 2

2nd Week:            Chapter 3                                                      Chapter 4

3nd Week:            Chapter 5                                                      Chapter 6

4th  Week:            Chapter 7                                                      Chapter 8

5th  Week:            Chapter 9                                                      Chapter 10

6th  Week:            Chapter 11                                                    Chapter 12

7th  Week:            Chapter 13                                                    Chapter 14

8th  Week:            Chapter 15                                                    Final Exam

Textbook: Real Estate Principles

Author(s): Charlies O.Stapleton III and Martha R. Williams, JD

Date of Publication: 2017

Edition: 10th

Chapter 1:   The Business of Real;
Chapter 2:   The Natural of Real Property;
Chapter 3:   Ownership of Real PropertyTenant.
Chapter 4:   Transferring Real Estate;
Chapter 5:   Encumbrances;
Chapter 6:   The Law of Agency.
Chapter 7:   Contracts;
Chapter 8:   Financing Real Estate;
Chapter 9:   Government-Sponsored and Other Financing.
Chapter 10: Escrow and Title Insurance;
Chapter 11: Real Estate Taxation;
Chapter 12: Landlord and Tenant.
Chapter 13: Real Estate Appraising;
Chapter 14: Residential Design and Construction;
Chapter 15: Government Control of Land Use.

Refund Policy: All students shall get refund 100% of the amount paid for tuition less $100 application fee, if notice of cancellation is made prior to or on the first day of instruction.

Contact info

CA DRE License Number: 01741252

Legend Real Estate & Finance
3375 Scott Blvd, STE 306, Santa Clara, CA 95054